STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION Cardigans Are Perfect for Fans

Think Geek has a line of Star Trek: The Next Generation cardigans that look great! These are perfect for fans to wear to conventions, Star Trek church, or even on a date with a fellow Star Trek fan. 

Fans of the original series have had a lot of options over the years, but for too long, Star Trek: The Next Generation fans have been underserved in the high-quality, costume-inspired clothing department. 

Fans of ST:TNG can finally head to work or to lounge around the house in these comfy cardigan versions of their favorite Starfleet uniform. These 5-button, v-neck sweaters feature combadges embroidered in place so you can't lose them. Choose Sciences Blue, Command Red, or Operations Gold. We could totally see Dr. Crusher adopting this as part of her uniform for when she wasn't seeing patients. Couldn't you?

They only cost $49.99, so if you want one just click here.

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