In case you feel like rocking any Star Trek: The Next Generation gear around town when going to work or running errands, ThinkGeek has you covered. They are selling messenger bags that are inspired by the classic sci-fi series. They come in Command Red, Operations Yellow, and Sciences Blue. Here’s the product description:

Space: the final frontier. With this messenger bag at your side, you can explore strange new worlds, seek out new life and new civilizations and boldly go where no bag has gone before. This bag works on multiple levels, since it has plenty of space inside it for exploration, too. 
These Star Trek TNG Uniform Messenger Bags feature the red, blue, and gold division colors of ST:TNG along with a metal combadge affixed to the exterior. The interior features a sweet ST:TNG-themed lining and padding all around. Underneath the flap, which secures with magnets and a strap, the top closes with a zipper to keep all your stuff safe. But probably the most unique aspect of this bag is right above the organizer section under the flap - it's got pips! Each bag comes with 4 gold pips (cleverly rendered as riveted snaps) and 1 black pip so you can tell the world how you rank. 

The bags will cost you $69.99 each, and you can buy them here.

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