When I was growing up, there weren’t a lot of sports jocks in high school that were into Star Trek. If you were one of those kids that always wanted a sweet varsity jacket but the school didn’t offer phaser shooting as a sport, ThinkGeek has the perfect jacket for you. This is a Varsity hoodie inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. It comes with the following description:

Counselor Troi has been known, for most of her career actually, to wear not-the-standard Starfleet uniform, so we're branching out in our offerings, too. These varsity jackets are a nice change of pace from the standard Starfleet issue. This uniform is made for cooler climates and more relaxed atmospheres (social, that is, and not planetary).
Choose Blue (Science), Red (Command), or Gold (Operations). Each has a chenille combadge patch on the chest and Starfleet written across the shoulders, plus a Starfleet Command patch on the right sleeve. Wearing one of these, you'll be sure to command any room you enter - and not just if you're wearing red!

If you want one, you can order it here for $69.99.

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