STAR WARS Art - Trilogy of Unseen Scenes

Art Star Wars by Joey Paur

Artist Robert Shane has created an awesome set of Star Wars art featuring a trilogy of unseen scenes from the film. According to the artist,

"Most of my artwork I post here is done in 'portrait' style because I'd really like to draw a Star Wars comic cover one day! But I thought I should try to demonstrate that I can also create 'landscape' scenes too - so I've put together a series of three pictures depicting scenes that 'sort of' happened in the original Star Wars trilogy."

He gives a little commentary on each of the pieces and about the above image he says,

"We all know that Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru were executed in Episode 4 (A New Hope) - and the grizzly revolution was pivotal in convincing Luke to begin his heroic journey. We didn't see actual the event - and we didn't need to (especially in a 'kids' movie) - but I thought it would be cool to imagine how it might have played out... especially if it had introduced us to Boba Fett's character!"


"There was a scene filmed for Empire Strikes Back that featured a Wampa that R2-D2 and C-3PO locked in a room at Echo Base being discovered by Snowtroopers... that scene wasn't completed because of the limitations of the animatics for the Wampa. So what I've done here is imagined how - if they'd been able to produce a better looking Wampa - they could have used it to (temporarily) terrorize the advancing Imperials!"

"There was a scene filmed, but not completed, for Return of the Jedi (apparently as a joke) - showing the Imperial Guard using their force pikes to execute Moff Jerjerrod for slacking with his job of building the second Death Star.  I thought that scene, if it had been used, could have actually been important in demonstrating Darth Vader's wavering devotion to his Emperor. The way I imagine it - the Emperor orders his guards to execute the hapless Moff - but Vader actually protests - and tries to remind the Emperor that this was a loyal soldier who delivered a functional Death Star. I think this would be consistent with Vader's old appreciation, as Anakin, for his troops - and would start to sow the seeds for his eventual redemption at the end of the movie!"

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