STAR WARS Character Biggs Darklighter Gets His Due in Documentary Short

Jamie Benning is famous for his Filmumentaries, detailed documentaries that piece together interviews, rare behind the scenes footage, and commentaries to form what many consider to be the definitive bonus feature for films ranging from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars, Jaws, and more. He's also produced some shorter documentaries about specific aspects of blockbuster films, like this one dedicated to the opening scene from Back to the Future or this one concentrating on the operation of Jabba the Hutt in the Star Wars movies.

Now Benning has once again journeyed to a galaxy far, far away in order to bring us Blast It Biggs! Where Are You?, a new filmumentary that shines a light on the obscure character Biggs Darklighter. This guy originally had a much larger role in the original Star Wars, but it was drastically cut down before release. Since I never spent much time diving into the expanded universe stories, I'd never even given him a second thought, but as usual, Benning is able to present the information in a compelling way that makes me want to know what other secrets I've missed out on over the years. Check out the 17 minute short below:

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