STAR WARS: EPISODE VII - Fan Poster and More Possible Plot Details

Let's star this out with this really cool piece of fan-made poster art for Star Wars: Episode VII. It was created by @HUSDESIGN, and I love the tone and vibe that it radiates. 

As for the plot of the film, a few more SPOILER-filled rumors have surfaced. If you don't want to know anything about the movie then don't read ahead. If you've already read all of the other rumors, go ahead and keep reading. 

According to AICN, Han Solo is basically the main character of Episode VII, and he will be "leading a galaxy-wide search party for Luke Skywalker." 

It was previously rumored that Skywalker has been out and about trying to stop the Sith from being resurrected. I guess he was gone long enough and his friends need him back for something. Or maybe they are going out to find him to help him complete his mission.

There's also some additional information on the roles that John Boyega and Daisy Ridley are playing. The following info comes from MakingStarWars, who says that Boyega’s character is an imperial trooper or pilot named Thomas. Apparently he is shot down over Tatooine and injured from the crash. There he meets a character named Rachel played by Ridley, and starts to realize that he’s on the wrong side of things and begins Jedi training. Here's how the site describes it:

"Rachel rescues him from the wreckage and the elements of the sandy planet. Over the course of their 'unlikely pairing,'  Thomas sees the reality of the universe and he defects from the side of the villains and decides to help Rachel for saving his life. However, things are not easy for the character because unlike most of the rebels we’ve met in the series, none were traitors, they were always on the side of right from the beginning. However, it appears Rachel and Thomas have an innocent flirtation in their first film with hints at romance in the future episode."

There's so many rumors going around it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't. I personally believe there's a little bit of truth in everything leaking out at this point. 

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