STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Rumors – Practical Model Ships and Jack Reynor Joins Cast


A casting rumor and an interesting pre-production rumor about Star Wars: Episode VII have surfaced today. There has been very little official news on Episode VII, mostly just rumors. Let's hope that changes soon.

Simon Bew at Den of Geek reports:

There's been a security clampdown in the prop shop at Pinewood Studios, but we now understand that work is afoot on building a full scale Millennium Falcon there. Furthermore, model makers are also building lightsaber hilts. This would tie into reports that the emphasis is going to be on practical, rather than computer effects wherever possible with future Star Wars films.

Also, we now understand that model makers on the Star Wars: Episode 7 project are being recruited on up to seven year contracts, which cover three sequels and three spin-offs.

I wonder how far director J.J. Abrams it taking the return to practical effects. Could all the ships be handmade models shot on green screen, similar to how they were shot in the original trilogy? I hope so.

Harry Knowles at AICN reports:

I'm hearing that Jack Reynor, a young Irish actor that will be in this new Bay TRANSFORMERS trilogy - but that I've now heard from two different sources has landed a role in EPISODE VII.  No idea of what role… [sic]

I’ve yet to see Reynor in a movie, so I don’t know what kind of role I could imagine him in. He’s young, athletic, and good-looking, so it could be anything.

Star Wars: Episode VII is set for a December 18th, 2015 release date.

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