STAR WARS: EPISODE VII — Story Detail Counterintelligence

Recently, Making Star Wars reported some Star Wars Episode VII rumors from the Pinewood Studios lot. Today Latino-Review has weighed in on the veracity of the rumors based on what their sources have told them.

“First off, I’m not sure who is calling any of these people ‘Jedi Hunters,’ I have never heard that before. The term more often used in Latino Review correspondence has been ‘mercenaries,’ but mostly as a way to talk about them as a group of villains who are vaguely aligned for the same purpose, being controlled by a master or a source of income.
“Yes, Lupita Nyong’o and Adam Driver are in our villain cluster and there’s something vaguely Sith about the way they operate.”

Making Star Wars attempted to connect the “Jedi Hunters” with a character in the Star Wars Rebels series called the Inquisitor, speculating that David Oyelowo would be voicing the character who would appear in both projects. However, Oyelowo is actually playing a character named Imperial Agent Kallus. According to Latino-Review,

“David Oyelowo has not been on set and is NOT playing a CG character.”

Making Star Wars’ studio lot sources were right about several aspects of the look of the film, though. There are black and chrome stormtroopers. Since the New Republic never rose, there's a lot of "very Imperial, but very new" stuff floating around the galaxy. Latino-Review claims there's a battle on a Star Destroyer. A lot of the costume and set design is based on Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art for the original trilogy. And since the design of several characters in Star Wars Rebels is also based on McQuarrie’s work, Rebels will help to build the universe of the new trilogy.

According to Latino-Review’s source:

“there are black stormtroopers & other McQuarrie design helmets/costumes. Basically they're reusing tons of discarded McQuarrie concepts...”

Latino-Review’s final assessment of the rumors?

“I think what we really got this week in Star Wars news is two or three good pieces of design information wrapped in speculation about what it’s all going to mean.”

That’s fine by me. The design stuff sounds great, but I wasn't too keen on all the story information. Of course, Latino Review can't help but speculate on what they think it's all going to mean, and you can read that here if you're so inclined.

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