STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Working Title Revealed

We still don't know what the full title for Star Wars: Episode VII will be, but AICN has confirmed that the working title for the film is The Ancient Fear. Their source says that the title "refers to Max Von Sydow's villain who makes Pazuzu look like a pussy!"

Personally, I love The Ancient Fear as a subtitle. If that ended up being the final title for the movie I would not be disappointed, but since this is only a working title, it could change at any time.

The same source that gave the site this news also informed them that the film would shoot in Abu Dhabi. They ran the title by "lots of people in JJ's camp - including JJ," but didn't get any response until a separate source from the production contacted them and gave the exact same title. 

Let's see what happens with it. Now that the word is out there's a greater chance that the final title will be something else. 

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