Retribution: Darkness Falls is a Star Wars fan film that was written and directed Chris Conley. It turned out to be a fun short that some of you might enjoy. Conley is a senior wide receiver on the Georgia football team, and this movie proves he's not just a jock, but a hardcore geek as well. This is what he had to say in an interview with Online Athens:

"My brother and I got into the games and into the some of the Star Wars history outside of the movies and I've just been a fan of it ever since. I've been a big guy who prides myself on remaining who I am regardless of who I'm around or how old I get. It's something that I like and regardless of what people tell me, if it's frowned upon or not. It's me."

The film includes scenes shot using Sanford Stadium and the Tate Student Center as a backdrop. He even got some of the other football players to join in on the action. The fight sequences that were choreographed for the film are pretty awesome.