STAR WARS Fan Theory Says Luke Skywalker Was Dead All the Way Through THE LAST JEDI


Now that we all have access to everything on the internet, fans theory is a new sport. We all see something that hasn’t been reported on or watch a scene from a different point of view and open up everyone’s eyes. A new theory that has popped up comes from the point of view of reddit user u/27SwingAndADrive. This user brings up the theory that Luke Skywalker, in The Last Jedi, was dead the whole time. Here’s how it goes:

I am not here to discredit anyone, I just see things a little differently. When I have watched and rewatched The Last Jedi, I think that Chewie is talking directly to Luke. I even have this picture to back it up:


Chewie growls and screams as Luke and Rey tells Luke, “He says you are coming back with us.” Personally, I thought that Luke could understand Chewie, but that is the only problem that I see with this scene. Also, right before this scene, Rey finds Luke’s X-Wing at the bottom of the bay. As far as I know, Jedi’s ships don’t follow them into the afterlife.

Please do us all a favor, go watch The Last Jedi again and let us know what you think.

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