STAR WARS Fans Start Petition To Have J.J. Abrams Removed as STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Director

Silly Star Wars fans. Now that Lucasfilm has hired the director they really want to direct Star Wars: Episode IX, there's no way in hell they are going to let him go. 

A bunch of Star Wars fans were upset to learn that J.J. Abrams, the director of The Force Awakens, was brought on board to also helm Episode IX. So, what do disgruntedly fans do? They started a petition to have him removed as the director and replaced by something else. 

So why are fans so upset about Abrams directing Episode IX? I'll let the petition tell you:

Star Wars fans abroad were upset with the result of J.J. Abrams' directing of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Although not reflected in the box office sales, most fans agree that Abrams' vision for Episode VII resulted in a rehash of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. There was virtually no creativity, and no risks taken. Such complacency cannot be the trajectory of this sequel trilogy. More specifically, the metric for success in a Star Wars movie cannot be box office sales. Lucasfilm and Disney *need* to listen to fan criticism. Star Wars fans deserve better. They demand better.
At the start of the new sequel trilogy, beginning with The Force Awakens, Lucasfilm and Disney promised a new director for each movie to promote a fresh new vision on every installment. With the hiring of J.J. Abrams to direct the upcoming Episode IX, Lucasfilm and Disney have both reneged on this promise.
Therefore, to prevent Star Wars Episode IX from becoming yet another rip off of the original trilogy (specifically, a rip off of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi), and for the good of the Star Wars brand, we demand that Kathleen Kennedy replace J.J. Abrams as director of the upcoming Episode IX film.  

Personally, I think Abrams is a much better choice than Colin Trevorrow, so I don't know why people are complaining. It could have been worse. 

Obviously, not everyone liked what Abrams did. The petition has a goal of getting 500 signatures but 500 signatures aren't going to change anything. Even if they got 500,000, I know for a fact that Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy still wouldn't consider letting Abrams go. 

He will end up playing well with the team and make a Star Wars film that will make Lucasfilm happy. That's all that matters to the studio. 

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