STAR WARS REBELS Creator Simon Kinberg Rumored to Be Developing BOBA FETT Film For Lucasfilm

It looks like Lucasfilm is prepping their standalone Boba Fett film and they have reportedly brought X-Men franchise producer Simon Kinberg on board to develop it! Kinberg was a creator of Star Wars Rebels, and also served as a writer and executive producer on the series. 

When the Boba Fett movie was officially announced, Fantastic Four director Josh Trank was on board to direct, but after Fantastic Four bombed, Lucasfilm fired him. Kinberg worked with Trank on that film, and he wasn't really happy with Trank during the production. Since then, the movie has kinda been in limbo. The last we heard of it was in 2015 when Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kenndy said:

“It’s still one of the stories that we absolutely want to tell. There is a lot of innovative technology in and around what it is we’re doing with that story, so for a lot of reasons, we were comfortable postponing that. But we’re definitely still developing it.”

We also know that Lucasfilm considers this project a high priority project, and it makes sense that they would want to bring someone on board who is familiar with the Star Wars universe to develop it further.

The news of Kinberg's involvement comes from Omega Underground and I imagine if this turns out to be true, and Lucasfilm likes what he's doing with it, he could end up as the new director on the film which has the working title, "Tin Can". Kinberg is currently directing X-Men: Dark Phoenix. If that movie turns out to be good, maybe the studio will offer him the gig. As of right now, he's only a writer and producer alongside Lawrence Kasdan.

While talking to Entertainment Weekly, Kinberg said that Empire Strikes Back is his favorite film. When talking about Dark Phoenix, he said:

“Frankly, part of what excited me about it was it was not just going to be an earth-bound movie. It’s not as much in another galaxy as Star Wars but it’s the first time we’ve left Earth.”

Do you think the Boba Fett movie will benefit from Kinberg's involvement? Would you like to see him direct the film?

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