STAR WARS REBELS - Meet Imperial Enforcer, Agent Kallus in New Video

A new character has been revealed for the upcoming animated series Star Wars Rebels. His name is Agent Kallus, and he's an Imperial Enforcer. Star released a video introducing us to this new ruthless and unforgiving villain. He is voiced by David Oyelowo who says:

"His job is to basically make sure everyone stays loyal. And anyone who gives a whiff of disloyalty has to be cut out. So, I guess you could safely say he's a bad guy."

The character is a huge threat for the Ghost crew's small band of heroes. Art director Killian Plunkett adds:

"He's pretty literally a rebel hunter. His whole task is to investigate any sort of instance of local insurgency and see if it's the beginnings of what could become a rebellion."

Sounds like an ass to me, but executive producer Dave Filoni says:

"I don't know that Kallus would think that what he's doing is really evil. He's just doing his job for the Empire, and he believes in the Empire... So, Kallus -- definitely an interesting character and one to watch out for. Especially if you're a rebel."

Watch the video below to learn even more about the character! 

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