STAR WARS Short Film JAKKU: FIRST WAVE Puts Stormtroopers in The Spotlight

Ever since I first heard Dante and Randal talked about the Death Star contractors in Kevin Smith's Clerks, it's been tough to see the Stormtroopers as just faceless cannon fodder in Star Wars battles. The Force Awakens took this to its logical conclusion by having one of them become a deserter and a major protagonist, and now a fan's short film has come along that aims to humanize these white-clad warriors even more.

/Film points us to Jakku: First Wave, a short written and directed by Benjamin Eck that concentrates on three Stormtroopers immediately before the Battle of Jakku. It's definitely reminiscent of Band of Brothers, and does a good job of putting you into these characters' headspace minutes before they risk their lives for their cause.

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