STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Is Loaded With Cameos, And You Probably Missed Most Of Them


By now a lot of you have been able to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi two or more times and are finding that with each viewing you notice a little something new. But there is a really good chance that there are a few familiar faces who appeared in the movie that you didn't notice. Everyone from big-name directors, to secret stars, to some of the cast of Game of Thrones. Here's a list of a few of our favorite cameos and where you can spot them.


Baby Driver writer/director Edgar Wright revealed his own cameo on Twitter recently. He made an appearance alongside his brother Oscar, Attack the Block director Joe Cornish, and friend Leo Thompson as Resistance soldiers during the resistance battle on Crait:

Speaking of Crait, you can clearly see Rogue One director Gareth Edwards standing in a trench on Crait as the First Order makes its approach to the rebel base, his cameo comes as a fellow solider that he is standing by touches the ground and licks his finger to proclaim "salt!"


Edward's cameo was payback from Rian Johnson because Edwards let him do a cameo in Rogue One as an Imperial technician.

One cameo that was revealed to fans before The Last Jedi even hit theaters that of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who has appeared in several of Johnson’s films, most notably Looper. But Levitt was not so simple to spot: that's probably because he’s the Alien that notifies Canto Bight Police about Rose and Finn’s illegally parked shuttle on the beach. The creature is named “Slowen Lo” by The Visual Dictionary, the alien has a few close up shots and some lines, but you’ll have to listen extra close to make out that it’s Gordon-Levitt.


Even Carrie Fisher's dog Gary made an appearance on Canto Bight, you can see him to the left of this picture of Finn and Rose, that was released by Empire Magazine.


If it seems like most of the cameos take place on Canto Bight, you are not wrong, a very quick appearance comes in the form of Justin Theroux, who could have played a much bigger role in the film had Rose and Finn not been unexpectedly arrested. Theroux played the “Master Codebreaker” that came so highly recommended by Maz. 


The Last Jedi also features Kate Dickie known from her role on Game of Thrones’ as Lysa Arryn, Catelyn Stark’s sister, she plays a member of the First Order on the bridge of General Hux's ship in the opening scene of the film.


And finally there are more cameos that may have been cut out of the final edit, or are too difficult to locate for being lost in a mass of First Order Troopers. British princes Harry and William, and actor Tom Hardy, were meant to play Stormtroopers in scenes set Supreme Leader Snoke’s ship. At one point John Boyega told press that the princes had been cut out of the film, but then Boyega's representatives told press that he was joking about the cut. Here's a photo that Hardy posted on social media:

These are just some of our favorite cameos, but there are a lot more, you can read about more in this Vanity Fair article. They include information about a second role that Mark Hamill played in the film and Star Wars regular Warwick Davis’ Canto Bight appearance.

Which cameos did you notice?  Did you see any that we missed?

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