Star Wars "What If" Art by Tony Warne — Vader Redeemed

Art Star Wars by Free Reyes

Artist Tony Warne, aka Jedi-Art-Trick, has created a lot of Star Wars art. We are featuring just a few pieces today, and the most interesting one he's simply titled "Leia and Vader," but as you can see, the art doesn't fit any canon storyline.

Warne had this to say about the piece:

This was just me really wanting to paint a redeemed (yet still alive) Darth Vader and Leia wearing a white getup like Padme wore in episode 2, just for fun. The idea came from the Star Wars Infinites Return of the Jedi comic, in which Vader is actually saved by Luke and Leia and turns away from the dark side, joining the rebellion. In the last panel, he dons a completely white suit of his armor. I thought that was a neat idea, but the white armor was a bit much. I just wanted to give a little more "sith-turned-jedi" vibe from him, while I wanted to give Leia a little more "hot-in-a-tight-white-suit" vibe.

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