STAR WARS Yin-yang Tee - Death of a Star/Birth of a Hero

ArtStar Warsby Eli Reyes

If you visit artist Ciro Trezzi’s Threadless profile, you’ll see that he’s been toying around with yin-yang concepts for around 4 years now. Well, Trezzi gave it another go and hit it out of the park with this Star Wars themed yin-yang design that portrays the “Death of a Star/Birth of A Hero.” It was prophesied that a “Chosen One” would bring balance to The Force, but what does that entail exactly? This yin-yang portrays The Force and The Dark Side as complementary energies, so perhaps it was in joining the Sith that Anakin did indeed bring balance to The Force… or maybe he was just an asshole who ruthlessly murdered a bunch of children. Did things just get awkward in here? *slowly walks backwards out of the room*

Via: BoingBoing

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