STARBLOX INC. is a New Puzzle-Brawler from Canada's Museums of Science and Innovation and It's Out Now


StarBlox Inc. is a new competitive puzzle-brawler game akin to Super Puzzle Fighter Puzzle II Turbo and Crystal Crisis. It looks like a blast of a game for when you have just a couple of friends over. The craziest part to me though is who is behind the game. The game comes from Ingenium, Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation. They partnered with Seed Interactive to bring this game to life and I’m happy about that. The game supports up to four people in two local multiplayer modes and features photos from NASA!

What happens when you combine a puzzler and a brawler in one game?
You get StarBlox Inc. — where sorting cargo is a contact sport! Load your rocket with resource blocks quickly and efficiently to beat the competition. But watch out — the shipping world is fierce! Your opponent can sabotage your work by stealing blocks, delivering punches, or throwing you in the incinerator!

You can purchase StarBlox Inc. now on Nintendo Switch.

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