Starscream Prelude Episode of TRANSFORMERS: COMBINER WARS

The latest prelude episode of the upcoming web series Transformers: Combiner Wars has been released, and it focuses on everyone’s favorite Decepticon, but a lot has changed since we last saw him.

Starscream, no longer the villain we once knew him as, is now a member of a great 'Council' along with The Mistress of Flame from the planet Caminus and Rodimus Prime. The burden of responsibility is heavy on the three due to the destruction and loss of life from the ongoing Combiner Wars. 

This is an interesting change for the character, and I’m looking forward to seeing how they handle him in this new role. 

Transformers: Combiner Wars is a new series that is targeted to adult fans who grew up with the original Transformers cartoon series, and these prelude episodes are to prep the fans for what is to come. It was previously said that the series would introduce "new lore and all-new characters that, combined with the characters fans have known for decades, will bring the Transformers storytelling in a new direction as the Machinima series will deliver raging action and signature humor to legions of Transformers fans."

To watch the first two prelude episodes click on the following links: Optimus Prime and Victorion.

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