Start a New D&D Campaign with The Unofficial Adventure HOW TO FEED YOUR FOES TO FIENDS

How to Feed Your Foes to Fiends is an adventure from Matthew Moyer that is designed to start a campaign. That means that it’s designed for a new party starting at level 1 and will get said party to level 3. At the end of the adventure, Moyer includes ideas for things that DMs can consider as they continue this new campaign which is very nice since there doesn’t appear to be a direct sequel. This adventure also has Moyer’s signature flair of including elements that may have the adventure progress differently than the players originally think.

The Golden Lady, a masked hero whose deeds have spanned centuries, is gathering heroes to partake in a mysterious quest at the behest of an unknown benefactor, a benevolent human king thought dead for centuries. This king, now a sentient ghoul, rules over a kingdom of innocent individuals inflicted with the very same disease that infests his body. Forced to eat the brains of intelligent beings to maintain their own humanity, the ghouls have set their sights on the Svirfneblin, deep gnomes who have been raiding the surface and inflicting mass casualties for no known reason. Will the party save the ghouls from going feral by sacrificing their enemies? Will they instead save the svirfneblin from a fate worse than death?

You can purchase How to Feed Your Foes to Fiends from DMs Guild for $4.99.

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