Stephen Chow Confirms a KUNG FU HUSTLE Follow-Up Film is in Development


I loved Stephen Chow’s 2004 martial arts action-comedy Kung Fu Hustle! It was a ridiculously fun flick and I’m excited to report that there is a follow-up film in development!

The news comes from Chow and he explains that the movie will be more of a “spiritual successor” than a sequel, but it’s still exciting news for the fans of the first film!

During a recent Q&A via Coconuts, Chow was asked if there would be a sequel to Kung Fu Hustle, and he replied:

“Yes! Actually, it won’t be so much a Kung Fu Hustle 2; it would be a modern-day kung fu story set in a foreign country and have its own standalone story, but it will have a similar direction and concept as Kung Fu Hustle.”

Sounds good! There aren’t any other details on the project, but I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what comes of the movie. One thing we can’t expect from it is Chow being in the movie, as he retired from acting 11 years ago. When asked if he would pop up in a cameo in the next movie, he laughed and said, “I can’t fight that well anymore.”

Right now Chow is just producing and directing films that he feels passionate about and it looks like this new Kung Fu Hustle film is in his pipeline of things to do.

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