Stephen Colbert Interviews Smaug from THE HOBBIT!

Stephen Colbert had one of the most epic interviews of his career last night on The Colbert Report when he brought on the dragon Smaug as a guest! My mind was blown when I came across this video this morning. It is utterly awesome. The rest of my day will all be downhill from here. The conversation they have is incredibly entertaining, and when talking about his acting career Smaug says,

“It’s hard for conservatives to get good roles in this town. That’s why Kelsey Grammer and I are always up for the same part.”

He then goes on to say he was offered a role on Sherlock, but didn't want to play “second fiddle to that hack Cumberbatch.” I also loved the There Will Be Blood milkshake reference.

During the interview they also show an action-packed clip from the film. Check it out if you haven't already (or even if you have) and enjoy!

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