Stephen King and Joe Hill's Novella THROTTLE Is Getting a Film Adaptation

This next year is a big year for Stephen King. I feel like it's the '80s again. We have an It remake on its way, as well as a Netflix series revolving around a King novel connected universe, a Dark Tower film, and now it's just been announced that the novella Throttle, which was written by King and his son Joe Hill, is being developed as a feature film. Hill also has a good resume of books to film, one of his more recent being the film Horns starring Daniel Radcliffe.

Throttle is about a biker gang riding across Nevada being chased by a faceless trucker after a deal goes bad. The main part of the story follows the relationship between a father and son. 

The writer of the screenplay will be John Scott III who wrote the 2015 film Maggie, which was about Arnold Schwarzenegger taking care of his zombie daughter. Gripping stuff. I'm excited to learn more about this film as information is released. Biker films aren't done that often and I feel like King's best works are his emotional relationship films like Stand by Me and The Green Mile

Inspired by Richard Matheson's classic "Duel," "Throttle," by Joe Hill and Stephen King, is a duel of a different kind, pitting a faceless trucker against a tribe of motorcycle outlaws in the simmering Nevada desert. Their battle is fought out on twenty miles of the most lonely road in the country, a place where the only thing worse than not knowing what you're up against, is slowing down.

Post in the comments what you think of them making this movie or any other thoughts you might have on Stephen King's novels.

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