Stephen King's AYANA to Get a TV Series Adaptation

TV Stephen King by Joey Paur
Via:  Variety

Via: Variety

Universal TV is set to adapt Stephen King’s short story Ayana into a new TV series. I'm not really familiar with this story, but it's set in the world of miracles and "features complex and powerful characters who are touched with just a hint of unexplained magic that triggers profound change in their lives."

The story was written in 2007 and published in The Paris Review, and it was later included in King's short story collection Just After Sunset in 2008. The series is being written by Chris Sparling (Buried). Here's a more detailed plot summary,

A man recounts his father's battle with pancreatic cancer in 1982, culminating in the intervention of a blind seven-year-old girl named Ayana. After being kissed by the mysterious child, "Doc" Gentry makes a miraculous recovery from the edge of death, and the narrator discovers that his own part in the working of miracles is only beginning. Over the following decades, he describes visits from a man who delivers him to others in need of their own miracles.

This sounds like it could be a great supernatural drama. King is such a talented writer and storyteller. The things he comes up with are amazing, and most of the time their adaptations are pretty decent. Hopefully this turns into something we will enjoy. 

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