Stephen Lang Wants to Play Cable in DEADPOOL Sequel

It's been confirmed that Cable will be joining Deadpool in the sequel that Fox is already developing. Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has already said he'd like to see Jon Hamm in the role, then there was some fan wishful thinking that Liam Neeson would be a good choice for the part. 

Now Avatar actor Stephen Lang wants to play the character, and he's actively gunning for it. Over the weekend he tweeted the following: 

It certainly looks like he could play the part. He's a solid actor as well, so if he ended up being cast I wouldn't complain. The fan art you see above was created by Boss Logic, and it shows us what that actor might look like as Cable. 

It's going to be interesting to see who actually ends up being cast in the role, but at this point I think Hamm has the best shot at landing it because that's who Liefeld wants and he played a big part in helping bring Deadpool to the big screen. We'll see how it all plays out, though! 

What do you think about Lang in the role of Cable? Who would be your top choice to play the character?

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