Stephen Lang Will Be Back as The Main Villain in All Four AVATAR Sequels, It Doesn't Matter That His Character Died

As James Cameron is prepping to start shooting his next four Avatar sequels, we have word that there are a couple of dead villains who are coming back to the franchise. 

During a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Cameron confirmed that he really does intend to bring Stephen Lang back as the badass villain Colonel Miles Quaritch as well as Matt Gerald, who plays one of Quaritch's evil henchmen, Corporal Lyle Wainfleet. They will also have huge roles in the continuing story.

We previously knew Lang would be back, I just assumed it would be a brief cameo role or something. But nope, he's going to be the main villain through all four sequels!

Both these characters died in the first movie, but death isn't going to stop Cameron from bringing them back. Hell, Colonel Quaritch was shot in the chest with a bunch giant-ass arrows and Corporal Wainfleet was crushed under the feet of a Hammerhead Titanothere! When talking about the villains in the films, the director says:

“The interesting conceit of the Avatar sequels is it’s pretty much the same characters. There are new characters and a lot of new settings and creatures, so I’m taking characters you know and putting them in unfamiliar places and moving them on this greater journey. But it’s not a whole bunch of new characters every time. There’s not a new villain every time, which is interesting. Same guy. Same motherfucker through all four movies. He is so good and he just gets better. I know Stephen Lang is gonna knock this out of the park.”

There's no information on how these characters will be brought back to life, but I imagine it has something to do with the powers of the planet that they died on. If Cameron has a way to bring Colonel Miles Quaritch back to life, I'm all for it! I loved Lang in that role and it's awesome to hear that he's going to involved in the upcoming films. 

The movies will also feature the return of Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver, who also died in the first film. How do you think Cameron plans on bringing all these dead characters back to life? 

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