Studios Hoping to Make FATHER OF THE BRIDE 3 with Steve Martin

According to Nikki Finke, Disney and Warner Bros. are sorting out the rights to get a third Father of the Bride movie off the ground. They are looking to bring on Charles Shyer to write and direct the film, and they are hoping Steve Martin will return to reprise his role. 

The story will follow the Martin's on screen son Matty, who is now 29 years old. The twist in the movie is that Matty is gay and will be marrying a Navy SEAL's son. The report goes on to explain:

"Father of the bride George is 'thunderstruck and speechless' and has problems with the whole gay thing. So wife Nina kicks him out of the house." 

Apparently Disney loved the pitch, and the source went on to tell Finke,

"it’s a timely idea, I told Charles I just hope it goes forward before gay stops trending…"

They better get things moving, because Martin responded to the report on Twitter:

The Father of the Bride movies have always been funny and heartfelt, and I imagine that if it happens this sequel will stay in line with that.