Steven Moffat Says He Hasn't Cast a New Companion for DOCTOR WHO

Steven Moffat has no idea who the next companion for The Doctor will be, according to the Telegraph. At a three day Doctor Who festival in London the showrunner said they haven't even finished episodes 11 and 12 of the series.

“We went to the BBC yesterday to talk about the type of person we might be looking at. To my unending terror, we have not yet finished episode 11 and episode 12 is nowhere near finished so we haven’t actually delivered the show yet.”

Uh...what? As a fan, this does not instill confidence in me. I have been pretty protective of Moffat for awhile now, but the fact that we are on episode nine and two episodes from now is still unfinished makes me wonder if things are just being made up and reshot. The fact that they haven't even really discussed a new companion doesn't exactly instill confidence either.

I get that Doctor Who is episodic with an overarching story line, but lately it's been far more episodic with not a lot of direction towards the main story theme of The Doctor finding Gallifrey. It sucks because I really love this new season, but I'm really hoping this all doesn't amount to a sloppy payoff near the end...or worse, a Moffat-induced hiatus.

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