Steven Soderbergh Executive Producing Western Limited Series GODLESS at Netflix

I'm on a big western kick right now, so when any information about new westerns pops up, it piques my curiosity. But when a project has people like Steven Soderbergh and Scott Frank are involved, it has my full attention. The two worked together on the crime drama Out of Sight before Frank moved on to write Minority Report and The Wolverine, also writing and directing The Lookout and A Walk Among The Tombstones. (Soderbergh's impressive list of credits needs no recap — you know them already.) Now THR reports that the duo is reuniting for a limited series at Netflix called Godless, a western set in 1884 that will span six one-hour episodes. Soderbergh will executive produce, while Frank will write and direct.

While THR and most other outlets don't have any more information on the series than that, Frank actually spoke with Collider about the project many years ago and gave them a great rundown of the plot:

"It is essentially the story of a severely wounded outlaw who ends up in this mining town in New Mexico, where all the able-bodied men have died in the mine. It’s run all by women. He ends up on a ranch just outside of town with the one woman the other women have ostracized and who’s nursing him back to health. Who he realizes are coming after him are his old gang members or fellow outlaws, laying waste to every town they come to, and you realize they’re coming here soon and it’s really that’s sort of the bare bones of the plot. It would be like me telling you 'The Lookout' is about a guy who robs a bank. It’s all about these characters and the relationships between all these people, and his relationship with the guy who’s coming for him. It all comes to a head in the middle of this town full of women."

That sounds absolutely fantastic, and as someone who's somewhat obsessed with westerns right now, I'm grinning like an idiot at the thought of seeing it. Production starts soon in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and I can't wait to see how this one turns out.

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