Steven Spielberg Hasn't Given Up on Remaking WEST SIDE STORY

Two years ago, we wrote about how director Steven Spielberg wanted to remake the classic movie musical West Side Story, but he's churned through so many projects since then, I'd forgotten all about it. But according to a new report, Spielberg himself is still very committed to the project.

Deep in a THR profile on the new filmmaker (whose new movie The BFG is coming out soon), the outlet lists all of Spielberg's upcoming movies — including Ready Player One, Indiana Jones 5, The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara — and dropped the following morsel of information:

There’s a potential remake of West Side Story — which would be a Fox/MGM co-production — for which Tony Kushner is working on a script. Spielberg has dreamt of adapting it ‘for decades,’ securing rights after trying to get them 15 years ago.

Spielberg has Lincoln scriber Tony Kushner hard at work on the screenplay, and The Beard has been trying to make this movie for twenty-plus years, so this isn't just some flight of fancy for him — he's very serious about it. If you've never seen the original 1961 movie, it's a stone cold classic that is in the pantheon of movies you absolutely must see if you have a serious love for cinema. Spielberg has never attempted a remake of a classic movie like this before, so needless to say, I'm extremely curious about his take on the material.

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