Steven Spielberg Might Be Directing Another INDIANA JONES Film And A WEST SIDE STORY Reboot Next

Steven Spielberg just finished directing The Post and Ready Player One, but if you thought that meant he was taking a break, you were dead wrong. Deadline reports the director is already eyeballing his next two features and that a new Indiana Jones film and a reboot of West Side Story are both distinct possibilities. There are other options on the table, of course, but obviously, these are the most exciting. 

Well one of them anyway. Right now current sources seem to indicate the Indiana Jones film is holding the top spot, and that whatever second film he chooses would either precede or follow that. Spielberg's camp, of course, denies any of this, but it wouldn't be Hollywood without loose lips to get the fans excited. 

If Spielberg is getting back into the Indiana Jones game, Disney is undoubtedly high fiving each other as we speak for that Lucasfilm acquisition. There were rumors at one point that Spielberg wanted to relaunch the franchise with Chris Pratt and Harrison Ford attached, but I'll be honest that sounds a little more rumory than this rumor we're currently discussing. Honestly, I wouldn't be mad if Shia Labeouf returned the the franchise now that he's older and took another shot at things! 

The West Side Story rumor, while far less exciting for a geek audience, does give the rumor a bit more weight as its a film Spielberg expressed interest in before. We'll keep an eye out for more updates, but while we do, are you ready for another Indiana Jones film? What would it take to get you excited for that?

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