Steven Spielberg Wants to Direct WEST SIDE STORY

I'm a fan of the original 1961 movie West Side Story, and this may sound a little strange coming from me, but it's a film I've wanted to see remade. I am normally not a big fan of remakes, but for some reason, West Side Story is a movie that I'd love to see get an update. According to Deadline, that updated version of the film could come from Steven Spielberg

Apparently the director is very interested in developing the film, and Fox is taking steps to make it happen. I would absolutely love to see Spielberg direct West Side Story. There's no information on how he might handle the material, but I do hope that they keep it as a period piece. 

Nothing is set in stone at the moment, but the wheels are in motion to make it happen. Spielberg also still plans on eventually directing his big sci-fi film project Robopocalypse. There's just no word on when he plans to get around to doing that. Anything could happen with Spielberg when it comes to the films he makes, but I really hope West Side Story goes through. 

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