Steven Spielberg To Produce a Ghost Story Film Called THE SPIRE IN THE WOODS

Steven Spielberg and his Amblin Entertainment are teaming up with producers Roy Lee and Jon Berg to develop a horror movie based on the ghost story The Spire in the Woods.

The story was originally shared on Reddit back in 2013 by Tony Lunedi. Now known as “The Bells,” the story “centers on a teen boy searching for the cause of a friend’s suicide, who finds himself captivated by the same alluring but deadly ghost story, as he digs deeper.”

Here is the official story description for The Spire in the Woods:

After discovering the suicide of a schoolmate may be connected to a local legend, a young man embarks on a quest to discover the truth. Why had Robert Edward Kennan killed himself? Was it because of a failed relationship or something more insidious? Based on actual events, the Spire in the Woods is equal parts coming of age and ghost story. A candid account of one man’s struggles with his mental health, his obsession with the supernatural, and the single biggest regret of his life.

That sounds like an incredibly intriguing ghost story and I’ll be looking forward to watching it. I like that it deals with mental health issues mixed with an obsession with the supernatural. Hopefully they bring on a talented writer and director to bring it to life.

Source: Variety

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