Stop-Motion Short INDOMATION Is Just What You Need on This Cold, Cold Wet Day


To escape these Friday afternoon doldrums, we have a fun short film for you to watch today. It’s called Indomation, it comes from a fella named Mason Drumm, and it is super hyper cool. A man comes home, orders a pizza, chills out with some streaming content, and is menaced by a dinosaur. You know, like you do. I have to say he keeps a cooler head than I would. What is your go-to move when dinosaurs attack?

Through hand-built sets, custom-painted action figures and over 90 hours of painstaking animation, “Indomation” is a whimsical tribute to the filmmakers and artists who brought us the Jurassic franchise - a series of films that has inspired countless artists and storytellers, myself included, from across the globe. The first stories I ever told were as a kid in the backyard with my Jurassic Park toys. Like so many others, that original film provoked my imagination and would ultimately lead me down the path to becoming a filmmaker. It’s fitting then that my first animated short film would feature Mattel’s Indoraptor figure, a toy that children today are no doubt bringing to life in their own imaginations. I hope you'll enjoy watching the film as much as I did making it.

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