STRANGER THING's Natalia Dyer Stars in Sci-Fi Short AFTER HER - "An Atmospheric About The Archetypal Lost Girl

DUST has released another great sci-fi short film for you to watch. It’s called After Her and it stars Stranger Things actress Natalia Dyer. Here’s a brief synopsis:

One night, a teenage girl disappears without a trace. Years later, her friend returns home and finds himself being beckoned back into those woods - the last place she was seen alive. An atmospheric sci-fi about the archetypal lost girl.

The film was directed by Aly Migliori and when talking about the inspiration behind the short, she said:

I was interested in making a short that confronts the perversion of the “missing girl story” in both film and in reality. I wanted to create something meditative and personal with a small group of collaborators; I shot most of the film myself, including the VFX, which were hand done in my parents’ basement. I’m from Rhode Island and grew up reading Lovecraft, and was incredibly inspired by his worlds, his characters, and their maddening search for the bigger picture, the great answers. As Callum searches for Haley, the alluring missing girl of his past, his expectations get challenged. His journey spans fertile woods, deep caves, and fallopian tunnels. He grows to realize that he is a passenger, not a pioneer, while she is the leader, not the victim.

I enjoyed the short and you can watch it for yourself below. When you’re finished watching it, let us know what you think!

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