STRANGER THINGS: THE GAME Leads to Questions for the Netflix Series

Stranger Things is a phenomenal show and anyone that says otherwise is a fool. That is why I got really excited when I found out Stranger Things: The Game was out in anticipation of Season 2. The game looks to help fill in what was happening in Hawkins, Indiana between Season 1 and Season 2. It was great to see all of my favorite characters again and get immersed in the 16-bit world. Then, after Season 2 came out, we had the awesome opportunity to unlock Max, the new girl from the show. One would notice something strange about her in the game.


Max has psychic attacks. Ever since we met Max and her step-brother Billy, I thought they were both going to be kids like Eleven and Eight. Kids with supernatural gifts that were trying to stay away from the evil scientists. Sadly, the show seemed to have killed that theory of mine by not providing any support to it. Then my wife unlocked Max on her game and we noticed this. Now I’m willing to concede that the game probably is not considered canon, but Max having psychic abilities is a huge leap in my opinion unless it’s trying to hint at the future of the show. If they were going to give Max psychic powers because why not, why not give Will the ability to shoot fireballs like his Dungeons and Dragons character? His upgrade is a d20 after all, it could make some sense. What if Max does have psychic powers and they’re dormant or just not very overt?

Hear me out. At the end of the second season, Max almost neuters Billy and rolls a natural 20 to intimidate him to back off so she, the boys, and Steve can go fight the Mind Flayer. Just before the Snow Ball, we see Billy and he’s still scared of Max. Yes, I would be scared of someone that almost drove a baseball bat full of nails down on my crotch, but Billy seems like the kind of character who would resent Max for it and murder her the first chance he got. We know that his character is very violent (thanks to his father) and he doesn’t like Max at all. What if during that moment of swinging the bat, Max had a psychic power that affected Billy without anyone noticing? Some kind of hypnosis or persuasion type power that lasted for a long time that could potentially help Billy become more fearful of his step-sister.


It is important to note that as of November 17, 2017, an update was released that changed Max’s ability to a coin toss. But why would it take so long (3 weeks) after the release of the character to change this? Why was it a psychic blast at all, when a coin toss would have always made more sense? Maybe they threw in the psychic blast as a little hint at the future of this character. What crazy theories do you have?

You can watch Stranger Things on Netflix and play the game on Android and iOS.

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