STREET FIGHTER: Chun-Li and Vega Statues by Tsume Bring the Pain

Tsume, creators of the similarly gorgeous Ezio statue, have just announced two new statues based on Capcom's premier fighting franchise–Chun-Li and the masked combatant Vega. This is Tsume's first foray into the Street Fighter franchise, but from how good these look, I think I can say with confidence we will continue to see more.

There is no shortage of Chun Li merchandise on the market, but Tsume has brought their A game here, as everything on this piece is stellar. From the dynamic action pose (mid Tenshôkyaku to be exact) to the cool mid-motion base, this is damn well done. Not to be outshined, Vega’s sculpt is impressive as well, and the artists deserve kudos on the nice paint applications on both. These two come in at 28 cm (Chun-Li ) and 35 cm (Vega) respectively. If you’re thinking of pre-ordering, better do it soon, as there are only 200 of each of these being made. Get on it, son!

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