STREET FIGHTER - Chun Li, Ken, and Ryu are Ready to Kick Some Plush

Gaming Heads, the company behind the recent statues based on God of War and Mass Effect, have expanded their product line yet again with their inaugural series of Street Fighter plush toys. Series one will include the revered trinity of Chun-Li, Ryu, and Ken, and each fighter comes in at about 12' inches tall and also includes an internal skeleton that allows for posing. If you're like me, that means that you will undoubtably recreate a fight between Chun-Li and Ken at your work desk, complete with a printed out background so it feels authentic. Each one of these adorable little guys (and gal) will cost you around $19.99, and can be ordered from their official store.

Hopefully these will sell well, as I require a Plush Dan to be a part of my collection at some point. It simply must happen.

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