STREET FIGHTER Red Tape - Vega, You Cheater!

“This is a hand-to-hand tournament, not a hand-to-claw tournament!”

The Pete Holmes Show is back with another installment of "Street Fighter Red Tape." The first video featured Ryu attempting to transcribe his battle cries. This new video stars Thomas Middleditch as the Spanish fighter Vega, who is requesting to use his claw and mask in the Street Fighter tournament.

I think Middleditch is an awesome actor, but this is the third video he’s done for the show — he played both Gambit and Nightcrawler in the "Ex-Men" sketches. When they had Mark-Paul Gosselaar portray Ryu for the first video in the series, I assumed they’d be reaching out to more guest stars to play these characters. Middleditch does a fantastic job nevertheless, and the outtakes (which I’ve also included below) are just as funny as the actual skit.

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