Striking Art Previewed For John Carpenter's THE THING 35th Anniversary Art Book

This year marks the 35th anniversary of the release of John Carpenter's sci-fi horror classic The Thing. In celebration of the anniversary, Printed in Blood is releasing an artbook showcasing Kurt Russell, Keith David, Wilford Brimley, and the rest of the McMurdo crew and their fight against a deadly shape-shifting alien in Antarctica. We've got a preview of some of the awesome art that will be included in the book.

The Thing: Artbook is 400 pages long and features over 375 pages of art from over 350 artists whose contributions were all created specifically for the book. The book also includes an intro by director Eli Roth and an afterword by John Carpenter.

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of John Carpenter’s sci-fi/horror classic film The Thing, this 400-page first edition of Printed In Blood’s artbook series features over 375 brand-new pieces of artwork created specifically for this volume. Bringing together artists from the worlds of comics, fine art, animation and illustration. Over 350 artists from all over the world have contributed art for this comprehensive collection, which includes an all-new introduction by horror director/actor/producer Eli Roth and an afterword by the Master of Horror himself, John Carpenter.

Creature Features in Burbank, CA is also hosting a 35th anniversary art show for The Thing and it highlights several pieces that are a part of this art book.  

Via: Dread Central

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