Striking BACK TO THE FUTURE Art Prints from Mondo and Hero Complex

It's October 21st, 2015 and you know what that means! It's Back to the Future day! This is the day that Marty and Doc arrive in the future to help Marty's kids stay out of trouble. To celebrate the arrival of our science fiction future, Mondo and Hero Complex Gallery have released some radical art prints that pay tribute to the classic trilogy.

The first couple of pieces can be purchased from Hero Complex Gallery. The first piece you see above was created by Ape Meets Girl, and was inspired by the first film in the trilogy. It is a limited edition of 350 and is available for purchase for $55. 

The second illustration below comes from Craig Drake. The regular edition has 500 prints and will cost you $60. Then there are two foil variants with an edition of 250 that will cost you $65. There's also a special paper color variant where every single print that is made is unique. Each one will have a different color scheme that no other print has. That variant will cost you $75.

The next two prints come from Mondo. The first was created by Matt Taylor and was inspired by Back to the Future Part III. The regular version has an edition of 325 and will cost you $50. The variant edition has an edition of 175 and costs $75. The artist said:

"As soon as Mondo asked me to do a poster for PART 2, I pretty much immediately knew what I wanted to do for PART 3. I know it has its naysayers, but as it was the only one of the movies I saw in the theatre upon release, it has a special place for me and was the one I really wanted to do a poster for. BTTF has always been this brilliantly weird anachronistic mess of styles with an 80s take on the 50s – and then that filtering back to the 1880s – so I wanted to make something that had hits of all those periods; the 1980s palette, the modern layout and the 50s lifestyle-esque styling of the horses. I don’t know if I was completely successful, but it’s the poster I’m most happy with, and I’m sure will present some interesting framing questions for those who want to hang all three of my prints for the trilogy – sorry!"

The final piece comes from artist James Flames and the regular edition has 325 prints and costs $45. The variant come in an edition of 175 and is going for $65. Here’s what the artist had to say:

"If I’m being honest, there are very few movies that I liked as a kid that actually still hold up for me today. Very, very few. But man, the original BACK TO THE FUTURE is definitely one of them. I mean, I know why I liked it back in the mid-80s – like most kids, I was crazy about cars, crazy about 50s music, and Michael J. Fox was like the coolest dude out there. Everybody I knew wanted to grow up to be like him. Dude wailed on guitar! But what I can better appreciate about it now is that it wasn’t just cheap kid’s fluff – there’s real storytelling in there, great characters, cool concepts. And at the heart is this kid and this car, and the amazing adventure they get into together. And that’s what I wanted to focus on with my poster. That moment where Marty meets the Delorean…his life, and the entire world, are changed forever in that very instant. And of course, it was fun to play with the two time-eras and split them apart in the background (and then reverse them for the variant edition). So stoked to have gotten to illustrate such a cool movie. Heavy."

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