Studio Ghibli Rises Like a Phoenix as a New Wave of Productions Being Planned


Back in 2013, the famous Hayao Miyazaki announced his retirement which lead to the dissolving of the Studio Ghibli production department. However, earlier this year, it was announced that he would be coming out of retirement to head a new movie called How Do You Live?

This new film just started production in October and has lead to the revival of the production team. This revival, of course, requires leadership, so former Ghibli Museum director Kiyofumi Nakajima was appointed as the new president this week with former president Koji Hoshino becoming chairperson and Toshio Suzuki continuing as producer according to ANN.

This changeup to the leadership points to a new wave of productions headed our way which is exciting! Are you excited about seeing more Ghibli films?

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