Study Confirms That People Who Stream More Often Are Also Going to the Movies More Often

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My mom recently told me a story about how when she was 7, and her siblings were 4, 8 and 10, her parents sent them to the movies to see The Ten Commandments. I responded in disbelief that they sat through that snooze fest at such young ages. My mom explained that they didn’t go to the movies often back then, and it was a really exciting experience. These days, my kids would never in a million years sit through a biblical epic, no matter how much popcorn and candy was involved. But this is because my kids are being entertained with their show or movie of choice almost constantly. We have a lot of options these days, with movies and series at our fingertips, available to stream on any given device. So people may believe that the increase in technology may hurt box office numbers. And here’s what a recent study has discovered.

In the recent Summary of EY report, “The Relationship Between Movie Theater Attendance and Streaming Behavior”, the study found that:

Those who attended movies in theaters more frequently also tended to consume streaming content more frequently. For every race and age demographic, average streaming hours per week was higher for respondents who visited a movie theater 9 times or more than respondents who visited a movie theater only once or twice. Moreover, respondents who visited a movie theater only once or twice in the last 12 months reported an average of 7 hours of streaming per week versus 11 hours of streaming per week for those who visited a movie theater 9 or more times.

So both streaming services and movie theatres are benefiting from the same type of people. And on the flipside:

Those who did not attend a movie in a theater in the last 12 months were more likely to report less streaming activity than those who did attend at least one movie in the same period. Of those who didn’t visit a movie theater in the last 12 months, nearly half (49%) didn’t stream any online content. Of those who did not visit a movie theater at all in the last 12 months, only 18% streamed online content for 8 or more hours per week.

This makes sense when I think about it, because we are just movie and TV people! We love all the series we watch on the different streaming as well as network platforms, but we also love to go to the movies and see a new movie on the big screen with our fellow movie-goers. My parents are movie and TV people, my children are movie and TV people. It’s just our thing.

Does this describe you as well?

via: Slashfilm

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