Stunning and Brutal Gameplay Footage For Sony's Samurai Game GHOST OF TSUSHIMA

Sony recently showed off the first gameplay footage for their new Samurai game Ghost of Tsushima. The game comes from Sucker Punch Productions, and this game seriously looks epically stunning! I'm super impressed by what I'm seeing here and this game is a must-have for any fan of the martial arts samurai genre. 

The demo follows a  samurai warrior named Jin Sakai, as he rides through beautiful grasslands. He ends up infiltrating a village to rescue a monk from invading Mongols, only to be betrayed by a longtime friend. As you'll see, the combat is quick, calculated, bloody and brutal.

As far as the story goes, it's set in 1274 Japan and follows one of the last surviving samurai and his fight against Mongol invaders.

Sucker Punch producer Brian Fleming had this to say on the PlayStation Blog:

"We chose this particular sequence to capture a few of the essential visions we have for the game: a sprawling, beautiful Tsushima Island … brutal Mongol invaders … and katana combat that delivers on our target of 'Mud, Blood, & Steel.'"

Sucker Punch game director Nate Fox added:

"Seriously, how come no one has made a sprawling samurai open-world game yet? Feudal Japan is beautiful; from the swaying bamboo forests to the ornate castles, it’s a place that demands to be explored.
"I’ve been a fan of samurai comics since 5th grade, from ‘Lone Wolf and Cub’ to ‘Usagi Yojimbo. The types of characters, landscapes, betrayal, and sacrifice in those stories are a rich vein ready to be translated into a video game."

It looks like they've created something amazing and this game just shot up to the top of my list of must-have games! I have no idea when the game will be released, but it's coming exclusively to PlayStation 4.

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