Stuntmen React To and Offer Insight on Good and Bad Stunts in The Marvel Movies

Corridor Crew has released a new episode of Stuntmen React and this one focuses on the good and bad stunt work on the Marvel movies. In this episode the team is joined by profession stuntman and actor Gui DaSilva-Greene, who is the Black Panther stuntman in the movies.

The discuss and offer insight on stunts performed in films such as the awesome fights scene in Captain America: The Winter Solider, Captain America: Civil War, and Black Panther. There’s a lot of cool, interesting, and surprising stuff to learn from watching these videos. There’s stuff that we see in these films that you’d think is CG, but it’s really all live-action, which is pretty rad! Then, like the rest of us, DaSilva-Greene also isn’t happy with the final fight sequence in Black Panther.

Now, watch the video below and learn something about movie stunts!

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