SUICIDE SQUAD 2 Will Be Written and Directed By THE ACCOUNTANT Director Gavin O’Connor

Warner Bros. has finally hired a director to take on Suicide Squad 2. After considering hiring Mel Gibson and Jaume Collet-Serra, the studio hired Gavin O’Connor to write and direct the sequel to David Ayer's film. O'Connor is a solid choice to take on the project as he's made some great films! I especially enjoyed his films The Accountant and Warrior. I think he'll do a solid job with Suicide Squad 2.

The sequel is a top priority for the studio and they are looking to start production on it this year. This means it will be the next project they start on after Shazam!, which recently started pre-production. The first item of business is to get the script written. The studio wants to get the film into production this Fall because all of the actors will be available to work on the project then. I just hope they don't rush the film into production so fast that it ends up being a piece of crap. 

Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jared Leto, and the rest of the surviving gang from the first movie are all expected to return for the sequel. It'll be fun to see what the sequel has in store for these villanious characters.

Source: Variety

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