Summer Glau is Narrating Serial Box's ALTERNIS and Suggests Audio Drama Revival of FIREFLY

Alternis is a new sci-fi thriller from the folks over at Serial Box and Summer Glau is the star. Glau is best known for her roles in The Cape, Firefly, and Terminator and now she’s narrated the audio version of Alternis which was created by Andrea Phillips.

Game designer Tandy Kahananui has been developing Alternis for nearly a decade, perfecting its monsters and dungeons. But she never imagined her game would be co-opted as the basis for an ambitious top-secret project to keep the world from plunging into war, where nations compete digitally for real-world resources. Team USA has been consistently losing, and the government needs a secret weapon to help them climb the leaderboard. When Tandy is conscripted into playing a key role and fighting for the future of her country, she quickly realizes she is in way over her head...and not everybody is playing by the rules. Can she help Team USA hold its own? Can she even survive?

This sounds like a pretty cool premise albeit it sounds vaguely familiar. It still sounds really cool and I think I might give it a listen. You can buy the whole 10-episode season of Alternis from Serial Box for $13.99 although only the first two episodes have been released.

On a similar note, Glau recently told CB that she thinks that the audio drama format would be a great way to do a Firefly revival:

I think that would be such a great way to do [a Firefly revival]. There have been moments when I’ve been in the sound booth by myself, and I’ve been bringing these voices to life on my own, and I visualize them being different actors. And it’s brought back flashes of that very first table read that I ever had in LA. That was with my Firefly cast and it was a magical moment for me too. We all had our scripts, and we were all reading our roles, and it was the different voices coming together and making the story come to life. And so it’s cool that you mention that. I can absolutely see that being something that the fans would enjoy.

Are you interested in checking out Alternis? Would you support an audio drama revival of Firefly?

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