SUNSET OVERDRIVE Impressions and Gameplay

Before I say anything, watch this:

How awesome was that?! I love Insomniac Games. They are always so over the top. I love how they took jabs at the modern shooter genre. They're usually so bleak, so grey, so brown, but not Sunset Overdrive. It looks beautiful — a ton of color vibrantly popping off the screen. 

This game also looks genuinely funny. Games that give a go at humor usually end up being super cheesy. But Insomniac knows what they're doing (see Ratchet and Clank).  

When it comes to combat and traversal, the environment not only looks destructible, it can be used to your advantage in multiple ways. They also have a kill combo system reminiscent of God of War

At the XBOX Media event they also teased an 8-player multiplayer mode called "Chaos Squad." 

This is by far one of my most anticipated titles. 

Sunset Overdrive will be released exclusively on XBOX One on October 28th. 

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