Super Awesome and Brutal Animated Music Video Short Film - ALRIGHT

I’ve got a wicked cool animated music video short film that you’ve got to watch today! Seriously, this is something that you don’t want to miss because it’s complete and utter awesomeness!

The video was created for the band Stuck in the Sound and it’s for their song “Alright.” The story centers on an old man, his younger protege, and a team of heroes as they infiltrate a lab of some kind where they face off with a giant gorilla alien creature and his team of villains.

As you’ll see, things get absolutely bonkers as they engage in battle! It’s pretty brutal and there’s a lot of blood and violence as they attack each other.

The character designs are great and I dig the animation style. It’s pretty slick and fluid work and seems to have been heavily influenced by anime.

The short was written and directed by Clement Desnos and I really enjoyed it, I hope that you do as well!

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